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Shipping Policy

All our orders are shipped within 20 business days after credit card payment has cleared. Shipped and assembled in the USA. Our primary carrier is United States Postal Service.  We do not deliver to P.O boxes, APO/FPO and similar addresses. FREE Shipping Insurance • Product warranty: 1 year

Package includes; Get Outz! EMERGENCY EXIT Hanging sign Includes:  1 universal door handle mounting plague

  • Completely self-contained, can be easily removed to use as an emergency exit locating flashlight
  • Fully automatic motion detecting operation (only lights in darkness)
  • Includes AAA batteries (3) powered • Injection-molded, V-5 flame retardant, high impact, thermoplastic base mounting
  • 6 LED exit light 100% Brand New & High Quality. Damage-free Installation: no screws, drillings, damage to your door surface

Application: child’s room, dormitory room, motel or hotel room, office building

Material: Plastic 2. Color: Red only 3. Size(Diameter x Thickness): 6 x 3.5 inches x 1/8″



Return Policy

Returned Items are processed daily as returned items are shipped back to us (see terms and conditions); normal processing time is 3 working days. after returned item is inspected and a assessment in made on return condition. Communications and prompt return can make for quick turnaround.

(Purchaser shall be conclusively deemed to have inspected and accepted the goods within thirty (30) days after receipt. Purchaser may not return any goods, under warranty claim or otherwise, without first reporting to Supplier the reasons for such return and first obtaining and then observing such reasonable instructions as Supplier may give in authorizing any return. In the event Purchaser desires to cancel an order, Supplier may accept such cancellation in its sole discretion, however such cancellation, modification, or suspension of order will not be accepted on terms that will not fully indemnify Supplier against its loss, including recovery of all direct costs incurred, including normal indirect and overhead charges.)


Get Outz,  working in conjunction with your smoke alarm and  the family’s or company’s escape plan, introduces a third significant advantage to the current fire safety status quo.  It will provide portable, effective emergency lighting to reduce escape time in any emergency. It has been proven to save a life.